Heat stress; sweat or no sweat?

It was cold like almost never before this spring, but finallaly the temperature starts rising. Maybe a bit too high, because this Wednesday we could experience 'heat stress'. But what is heat stress, how do you catch it and what can you do about it?

If you have heat stress, your body cannot handle the high temperature and air humidity anymore. You are literally overheated, because your body cannot sweat enough and therefore doesn't cool down.

The term 'heatstress' exists for a long time already, but now it is a hot issue because this Wednesday it will be hot in no time. A lot of people didn't sweat that much and when the body gets hot suddenly, it could be dangerous. In general, elderly people should worry more then youngsters, according to heat stress expert at TNO Hein Daanen.

Heat stress calculator
Do you need to go to work on Wednesday? At the heatstress calculator developed by the largest trade union for employees in the Netherlands, you can check if your job is heat-sensitive. Maybe it's better for you to quit your work that day. Although... maybe it's just nice to stay in the airco the whole day. (It only works with Internet Explorer). 

The solution for heatstress is as simple as it sounds: do sweat, drink enough, stay in the shadow and keep it calm. Keep cool! Still not stressed out? Thurseday the temperature will 'only' be 25 degrees. 


Source: NOS.nl

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