The Body

When measuring the body itself, the following are parameters of interest:

1. Core temperature
When the core temperature rises too high, there may occur health risks, decrease in vigilance and poorer performance. The core temperature can be monitored and there can be intervened when it seems to rise too high. This could be measured with, for example the aid of a temperature pill, such as the CorTemp of HQInc. Through the connection with an external receiver, the employee or athlete are continuously monitored and there can be taken action when it seems to go wrong. Another option is thourgh non-invasive way of monitoring the core temperature with the help of a Zephyr BioHarness. Core temperature is determined by means of an algorithm and the Kalmal filter.

2. Skin temperature
Because the body has difficulties in transferring heat from the inside to the outside when the skin temperature rises above36 °C, skin temperature is also an important parameter to monitor during heat stress. This could also be done with the Zephyr BioHarness.

3. Heart Rate
Heart rate can also be used to monitor during activities in heat surroundings. This can be done by just looking at the heart rate and to compare it with the maximum heart rate, to determine the level of intensity they are working. With a heart rate monitor that measures slightly more variables, are heart rate variability (HRV) and heart rate reserve (HRR) also helpful parameters to monitor heat stress.

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