Wat bepaalt hoeveel je zweet?
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Dutch Soccer Team Uses Cooling Vests
The Dutch soccer team uses during the enormous heat in Fortaleza special designed cooling vests. In the match against Mexico the soccer players wore their vests during the warm-up and halftime and controlled their body temperature in that way.The Dutch Soccer Union has the cooling vests in stock for a while and uses them in circumstances like last Sunday, where the temperature rises till 39 degrees Celsius.... Read more
Bunch of new articles about heat stress
Under the heading "support" you will find a series of newly published reviews, editorials and articles.Competitive match play tennis under heat stressCoping with heat stress during match-play tennisFitness testing of tennis playersHeat research guides current practices in professional tennisHeat stress does not exacerbate tennis-induced alternatives in physical performanceHydration and thermal strain during... Read more
Dutch Special Forces fit for the job in Mali
Dutch Special Forces fit for the job in Mali Read the full article (in Dutch only) Read more
Repeated sprint not worse in heat or humid environment
Both dry and moist warm air does not lead to a poorer repeated sprint performance compared with repeated sprints in a cooler environment. This is apparent from English study conducted by Hayes and colleagues.Hayes M, Castle PC, Ross EZ, Maxwell NS (2014) The influence of hot humid and hot dry environments on intermittent sprint exercise performance. Int. J. Sports Physiol. Perf., In PressResource:... Read more
Playing tennis in heat is safe
Different tennisplayers critisized the organisation of the Australian Open because they let tennissers play their games in 40 degrees Celcius and more.Canedian Franc Dancevic (picture) passed out because of the exterme heat during his first round game against French Benoit Paire and had to be medically cared. “They just don’t stop organising games in these circumstances until somebody... Read more
Palente died from overheating
Motorcrosser Eric Palante from Belgium became unwell during the Dakar Rally by hyperthermia (overheating) and died because of that. This came out of the first autopsy notified his next of kin at the website of the motorcrosser.The almost 51-year old racing driver from Liège, who participated the race for the 11th time, was most likely not able to think proper anymore because of exhaustion an high... Read more
Evaluation Seminar Heat Stress & Core Body Temperature
On October 31, 2013 the Seminar Heat Stress & Core Body Temperature took place at TNO, Soesterberg, NL.  If you are interested in the evaluation of this seminar, please visit the Dutch version of this page. More information: Seminar Heat Stress (in Dutch only) Read more
Working in summer conditions
Below a Dutch article about working in the high temperatures these days:De eerste hittegolf van dit jaar in Nederland is een feit. Maar wat als je met deze tropische temperaturen geen vakantie hebt en moet doorwerken?Wanneer is het nog verantwoord om een dakraam te plaatsen, en: heb je recht op extra pauzes als je buiten werkt? Als je werkgever erop staat dat je een klus afmaakt in de hitte, kun je dit dan... Read more
Hotline for working in the heat
The Dutch organisation for employees has opened an internet hotline for people who has to work in the hot circumstances. The list can be completed anonymously. The trade union wants to collect all complaints so that they can act more powerful and goal specific. "We can take the complaints and go to the employers and most of the time a lot can be canged positively, the union says. For example, breaks... Read more
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Wat bepaalt hoeveel je zweet?.. Read more
Dutch Soccer Team Uses Cooling Vests.. Read more
Bunch of new articles about heat stress.. Read more